Resources for A/S and A2 English Language and Literature and Media Studies
Compiled and Edited by Val Pope M.A.

You are welcome to download anything on the Litnotes site, but please remember that the exam boards know that there are sites like this all over the internet and they are VERY LIKELY to find out if you 'lift' text notes and submit them as your own work. I suggest you use this site only for research or reading and not as an 'instant essay' source. It's not worth the risk - believe me!
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You might also want to check out the following link which opens in a new window and may give you alternative sources of help:

Unusual, yes, but a brilliant site and well worth a look.

Take part in the National Bullying Survey

This is an important piece of research being done by the Bullying Online people. Sections for pupils, teachers, parents and older people who were bullied at school (but have now left). Worth doing - take the time to look!

If you have anything nice on current A or A/S level texts, then please email me. I'll be glad to post your material with your name on it!!

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