Presenting a bibliography.

1. Primary texts. Give the edition of the text that you have used, including author; editor; and place and date of publication, e.g:
William Shakespeare: Othello, ed. J.H.Walter (Oxford 1976).

2. Critical texts. Give author; title; and place and date of publication, e.g:
Martin Montgomery: An Introduction to Language and Society ((London 1986).

3. An essay in a collection of essays. Give the author and title of the essay, and then the title, editor, etc., of the whole collection, e.g:
Janet White, "On Literacy and Gender" in Knowledge about Language and the Curriculum, ed. Ronald Carter (London 1990).

4. An article from a website. Give the author (if known) and title of the piece and the site address, e.g:
C.D.Selwyn-Jones, "More on Irony and Satire", 

Note that complete works are written in italics (or underlined if you are hand-writing it); articles, short stories and short poems are put inside inverted commas.